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What Is The Turing Test?

What Is The Turing Test?

Artificial intelligence has become something of a phenomenon in the 21st century. What was once seen as just an unachievable dream of the early 20th century scientists has now become a reality. Artificial intelligence is now one of the most influential technologies in the world.

Alan Turing is considered to be one of the fathers of AI as his work was crucial in the formative days of computer science. He was highly influential in the field of theoretical computer science and was the brains behind the famous Turing Test.

What is the Turing Test?

The Turing Test is a complex method of inquiry aimed at ascertaining a machine’s capability to think and function like a human. Turing proposed that a human evaluator would judge natural language conversation between a man and a machine which was supposed to generate human-like responses.

In light of that, this test was seen as the last step to cut off human interference in AI activities, and the machine must prove its efficiency to exhibit the thought processes of a human before it can pass the test.

How Does the Test Work?

In keeping with his research to find out how machine intellect works, Alan Turing introduced in 1951 a test called “The Imitation Game.” It specified that three participants would take part in the game, two of whom are humans and the third would be a computer.

To avoid any form of bias, Alan posited that text-only mediums such as a screen and computer keyboard would be in use for the test. Before the commencement, each of the participants will stay in separate terminals/rooms.

On the commencement of the test, one of the humans will be the questionnaire, while the other human and the computer will be respondents. The aim of the test is to check whether the questionnaire (the first human) can determine if the response comes from the computer or the other human.

Let’s consider it this way. A man and a woman stay in separate rooms while the computer stays in the third. The man takes up the position of the questionnaire and asks both parties (the woman and the computer) certain questions.

He will analyze the responses and try to differentiate that of the computer from the woman. If he cannot reliably distinguish the responses of the machine from the woman, it becomes clear that the machine has won the test.

REAL infographic ai revolution

REAL infographic ai revolution


Image Credit:- “ Artificial Intelligence, AI ” by Mike MacKenzie is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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