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The Domestic Indian Travel Market is a Growth Story

The Domestic Indian Travel Market is a Growth Story

While there are many young Indians traveling abroad for the first time with over 20 countries no longer requiring visa approval and over forty more issuing visas on arrival, the real growth story is still at home.

The Indian travel market is maturing with greater adoption of digital technologies and various types of businesses further investing in preparation for continued growth in domestic travel.

Showcasing the Indian Travel Market

India being as vast as it is with distinctive regions, differences in culture, cuisine and scenery, offers plenty of opportunities for Indian people to travel to different parts of the country. People here can experience something new compared to back home – whether that’s traveling into Kerala and away from the bustling streets of Mumbai or taking another route entirely. To showcase the different businesses involved in travel, the annual India travel fair is held in Mumbai between April 15th and 17th 2020, offering a glimpse into the different businesses exhibiting there. Also, there are planned keynote speakers including familiar brands like Make My Trip, redBus,, and Skyscanner.

Traveling Around India is Getting Easier

While taking your own transport is sometimes possible, choosing alternative forms of transport is often easier. Why deal with the hectic traffic when it’s possible to sit back, relax and let the driver take the strain while zoning out with some tunes on a smartphone? For instance, is a centralized way to book bus tickets for major bus routes between different cities. The routes such as Mumbai to Pune, Mumbai to Goa, or Delhi to Manali (the delightful Himalayan town with its cooler temperatures) are often taken by domestic travelers who wish to see more of their own country. While it’s true that shorter trips are often navigable via smaller buses, the major routes are better covered through online ticket booking.

Of course, there are also plenty of regional flights. These are a bit more expensive but offer speed and greater comfort than riding the roads on a bus.

Tourism Boards Offer Glimpses into New Worlds

Tourism boards across India seek to highlight what their state or region has to offer the intrepid tourist.

Whether you are looking for something traditional like a Temple or a street festival, or an exciting adventure, there’s something for everyone in India. This isn’t true of every country, but given the vastness and variety of the landscape, from bustling metropolis to mountainous landscapes and everything in between, it’s difficult to pick out a single location that appeals. And when a traveler has had enough, they can move on to something completely new. India Tourism is formally the new national tourism organization, but there’s also state tourism organizations with a single focus for their region. When you are not sure where to travel this year within Indian shores, Indians can begin with the national organization to get ideas flowing, followed by seeking more specific information through the tourism body for that state.

With travel becoming easier to do within India, the country offers affordable travel to Indians not wanting to travel abroad just yet. The biggest problem for most domestic tourists now is choosing what part of the country to visit next.

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