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The Must See Sports Betting Documentaries

The Must See Sports Betting Documentaries


The sports betting industry keeps getting bigger by the day. With the help of digitalization, sports betting has become better and easier. There is a whole list of live casinos that bettors can sign up to and place their bets like they would in a physical casino. This growth has prompted the media to air betting related films and documentaries. Today I’ll tell you the sports betting documentaries that you can’t miss.

Life on the Line

With under an hour airtime, this documentary brings you professional bettors, bookmakers and even sports handicappers of all time. They give you an exclusive view of the closed world of gambling. If you’d like to understand some of the legendary people from the Las Vegas Sports betting world, this is the documentary to watch.

Names like Erin Rynning, Bryan Leonard, Jay Kornegay are significant in the sports gaming world and on this documentary they get covered. There is also the famous local talk radio hosts Ken Thompson and Brian Blessing.

 Frontline’s Fantasy Sports Gambling

This documentary, which was a collaboration between New York Times and PBS series “Frontline”, features detailed accounts of happenings in the betting and daily fantasy sports world. They will let you in on how phony credit card billings are used to hide betting rings activities and the rise of illegal sports betting websites in the USA.

Even with the world going digital, some things like paying out winners and collecting bets are still done the old-fashioned way. This documentary also covers the digital loop-holes that enable placing of bets where they are illegal. Once you watch this documentary, you’ll realize how addictive betting can be.

Legend of Jimmy the Greek

This documentary revolves around one great American sports commentator and bookmaker at Las Vegas. It features more on his wealthy life, and the history of how he placed his most recognized bets. In 1948, he placed a $10,000 bet with 17-1 odds.

Other than the betting highlights, you’ll also learn about how he moved to Las Vegas in 1956 and opened a weekly pro-football betting line. If there is anything you would like to learn about a legend in the sports betting world, this documentary is your best chance at that.

Now Place Your Bets

Sports betting did not just grow in a day. There were events and people involved in making this multi-billion dollar industry grow. You can learn about the rise of legal sports betting in betting towns like Las Vegas in this documentary.

Well-conducted interviews also form part of the documentary. All the major events that led to the massive growth of this industry have been featured in the documentary. Footages and

photographs, as well as those that have played part in the rise, are part of the story. You’ll end up learning so much about sports betting within a short period of time.

The best way to be good at something is always to research about it before you get into it. Watching documentaries is definitely one of the best ways to learn. For example, if you want to start betting in an online casino like the LeoVegas online casino, watching a few relevant documentaries will get you started on the do’s and don’ts. Try the above documentaries and learn more about the sports betting world.


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