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Learn the Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Topics to Guide You in Your Preparation. Can Dumps Boost Your Understanding?

Learn the Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Topics to Guide You in Your Preparation.


In any given exam, mastery of the subject matter is the leading thing that will give you triumph. This is especially true if you are preparing for an expert-level certification because you need to show your outstanding expertise in advanced themes.

Thus, what topics should you study if you are aiming to pass AZ-400 test and earn the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert badge? And why so many candidates choose dumps Practice Tests for assessing their knowledge? Read on to know more!

AZ-400 Exam Topics to Study

The outline of AZ-400 includes the following areas that you need to cover:

  • Developing an instrumentation strategy

This topic involves designing and implementing logging as well as telemetry. To manage the tasks related to it, Configuration you are also expected to perform the integration of logging and solutions’ monitoring.

  • Developing an SRE strategy

This domain contains questions about developing a strategy called Site Reliability Engineering. Candidates must conform to tasks such as developing an alerting scenario that is actionable, Protocol designing an approach for predicting failures, and implementing a health check.

  • Developing a plan for security and compliance

This section is associated with developing a strategy for authentication as well as authorization, Advanced designing a scheme for managing sensitive information, and developing security as well as compliance. In addition, you should have a clear understanding of mechanisms for enforcing governance.

  • Managing source control

This part of the curriculum is dedicated to developing a modern strategy for source control, planning and implementing source code branching strategies, Communications and configuring repositories. Learning how to use tools in integrating source control is another key concept of this objective.

  • Facilitating communication and collaboration

This domain has three subtopics that are critical in preparing and passing the test. They involve providing stakeholders with deployment as well as release information, generating documentation for DevOps processes, and automating communication with members of your team.

  • Defining and implementing continuous integration

Under this topic, your skills in developing build automation and implementing and maintaining a build strategy will be assessed. Also, you need to know how to create strategies for package management and administering applications’ infrastructure.

  • Defining and implementing a strategy for continuous delivery and release management

In this section, you should prove you are an expert in developing scripts and templates for deployment as well as developing a solution for orchestration automation. You also should know how to plan a strategy for environment deployment.

Why Use Dumps for Revision?

With the help of dumps, you can check your knowledge of all the above-mentioned themes. These revision materials, which are files compiled by previous test-takers and containing real questions with answers, Function point out the topics in which you’ve achieved a thorough understanding and those that you still have to review further. And considering their interactive format, they will make your preparation more interesting and engaging.


On your way to obtaining the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Associate credential, all your effort should point towards learning the AZ-400 exam topics. You can use different resources to gain the required information but don’t hesitate to supplement them with dumps. They will help you understand what awaits you on the test, so your chances to pass it will increase. And because you wish to attain the best, you should keep doing your best!

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