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Importance of IT Certifications in IT Jobs

Importance of IT Certifications

In today’s world, employers are real allure by the IT certification due to a lot of reasons such as expertise in a specific technology or business operations. They displayed a commitment to IT; also it makes you understand the importance of professional development.

Market value of Certification

According to the study done by Spiceworks, an IT networking organization stated that in IT job landscape, certification plays a big part. There are various IT professionals in the U.S, Eupore, Middle East and Africa, and they believe that IT training is really valuable. Most of them believe that pursuing training will increase job opportunities and increase salaries.

Around 39 percent of employees stated that their employers have no value on training. Also, 54 percent stated that they would pay some share in their courses from their pocket.

Deciding Value for you

Does certification worth your time and money? Unluckily, the answer is not simply yes or no; most of it depends on the skills and needs of employers. The IT employers keep complaining regarding the “skills gap.” It makes them struggling to find the professionals have knowledge of programming, big data, security, and development.

In case, you are looking for work in the technology which is in high demand. So, availing the certification surely helps in validating your basic abilities.  And when there are IT professionals in the organization that time a valid certification helps you in setting you apart from the various other candidates.

But usually, employers prefer to place the premium on experience. Whereas, a certification represents the understanding about the technology and having certification doesn’t mean you can put theory into practice. At last, employers believe in the real-time results, when it’s about showing your knowledge.

And the decision to pursue or not to pursue a certification depends on the various factors such as technology, career path, and job market. You can question yourself:

What skills are trending now?

It is important to know that the skills come in your opted certification are in trending in the market or not; also they are evolving or replaced by some skill.

The sign of good certification is that it keep-up with changing IT trends. If your selected certification has such signs that means you’ll keep learning about the latest changes and practices which is going on in the market. And the market needs have a direct relationship with certificates value.

How powerful is your experience?

Sometimes, it happens when you already worked on technology for so long that the course knowledge won’t teach you much. In such situations, you need to see the preference an employer show towards the experience alone.

So, to understand the preferences you can inspect job postings; it will help you to know about the demand for the certifications. You can also interact with professionals who hold specialization in the technology to mark impressions in the job market.

How is certification acknowledged?

In some situations, experience, and certification go side by side. No matter how much experience you hold, certification goes side by side. For example, a Project Manager with good experience also feels the benefit if there is PMP(Project Management Professional) certification on the resume.

Why certifications required?

If you want to make your career successful, then certification will be the right choice for you. The certification helps you in learning the basic knowledge of your desire technology.

If you desire to get in IT security, then it will be hard to grow your position in IT security. For example, an absence of CISSP(Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification will make it difficult for you to grow your position in IT security.

Also, various vendor-specific positions these days require vendor-backed with certification. Believe it or not it quite necessary.

What’s the payoff?

It is necessary that you have proper information about the payoff regarding certification. If you apply for the certification, then you have to pay a good amount of cost for the certification.

As a return, you will get either raise in your salary or higher salary job. Also, certification can help you to shift your career toward the latest trending technology. No matter what is the reason, you must able to identify the Benefits of IT certification that served in front of you.

Certifications can polish your resume and help to enhance and validate your skills and knowledge. But before engaging with time and cost for gaining any IT certification, it is necessary that you must understand about the employer’s vision towards it, and is it helpful to succeed in your career path.

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