Promote your business on Linkedin

How to promote your business on LinkedIn

Promote your business

Various social media platforms have now spread around the globe with different purposes and features. Although they are used for marketing by businesses, the main objective of the majority of them is usually fun and chat.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is an employment-oriented social network connecting more than 500 million professionals, employers, employees, students, etc. It is an American business service founded by Jeff Weiner in Jun 2009.

Since it has a bit different atmosphere from other top social media services, you need to know how to promote your business on it and generate leads. In this article, we are going to describe some main aspects of marketing via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a professional atmosphere despite many social networks. For example, based on Social Tradia, Instagram has become a black market for influencers who want to sell their accounts.

Launch LinkedIn Company Page

Just like many social services, LinkedIn has also two options for your profile: personal and business.

Having a Company Page on LinkedIn has several significant benefits like:

  1. Showcasing your whole company, not just some employees.
  2. Having employees act like your company’s advocates.
  3. Measuring the influence of your strategies
  4. Monitoring those who view your profile
  5. Tracking mentions of your brand

A complete Company Page can generally twofold your visitors compared to an incomplete personal page.

Generate unique, informative content

As it was explained earlier, LinkedIn is a business network gathering professional people to increase each other’s knowledge and share job opportunities. So, sharing funny content certainly will not work on this platform.

The best way to target your audience and increase your followers is to generate informative articles so that they view you as a niche leader. The more unique and creative your content is, the more followers you will gain.

Also, remember that creativity is the key to differ your posts from competitors. Try to visualize your content as much as you can because many people, especially young generations, have accustomed to multimedia-based social services like Instagram. Accordingly, long texts usually do not appeal to them compared to pictures, videos, and info-graphs.

Share user-generated content

Generating high-quality content including creative visual items is a time/money consuming task. On the other hand, if you want to save your social presence on LinkedIn, you need to post frequently and based on an exact schedule.

The wisest course of action would be to ask your followers, especially your own company’s employees, to generate creative content and share it with you. Using this method, you can kill two birds with a single stone. First, having a lot of high-quality content without spending much time or money. Second, increasing the chance of getting more shares and engagement because the users who have sent you the content will definitely share the content on their page or even on other social services.

Promote your business On Linkedin

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups have gathered thousands of niche relevant professionals and can help you to grow your network, especially outside of the first circle of users. Participating in discussions in a group can redirect many users to your page.

Search engine on LinkedIn can suggest to you relevant groups, then, you have to request to join that group. After being notified you can start participating in the group. Try to abide by the rules of the groups, otherwise, your reputation will be damaged. For example, this is the rules of a professional group on LinkedIn:

“No SPAM Links. No WEBINARS or CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Recruiters limit 1 Job Posting per 24hrs. Other discussions are allowed, as long as they are not PROMOS and are genuine original discussions”

Share job opportunities

There are millions of students and graduates who are looking for part-time or full-time jobs or even internship opportunities on LinkedIn. You can take advantage of this trend and convert them into your followers or even choose the best of them as your employees.

Try to post job-related content regularly and encourage young users to pursue your industry as their future career. Also, you can teach them what skills are required for different positions in your company and how they can l those skills better.


You can take advantage of this space to boost your marketing and generate leads. Of course, you need more study to be familiar with other aspects of this platform like premium options, showcase pages, etc.

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