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How to approach NCERT books for UPSC IAS Exam

How to approach NCERT books for UPSC IAS Exam

The UPSC IAS examination is one of the toughest competitive examinations that the civilians appear. This exam has a vast syllabus where the appearing candidate needs to study several subjects. To crack the examination, students need to cover numerous concepts from the basics to the advanced level.

There are several UPSC books that you can study with an expectation to crack the toughest competitive examination of the country. The aspiring candidates can approach the UPSC NCERT books that cover a significant part of the syllabus. The National Council for Educational Research and Training publishes a number of books that includes all major parts of the UPSC civil services syllabus. As a candidate, you must take the right approach to cover the necessary NCERT books for the UPSC IAS exam.

There are two approaches to cover the NCERT books while a candidate prepares for the examination. They are:

  • Class-wise approach
  • Subject-wise approach

Here, the details of both approaches are discussed in details. Try following the strategies given below to expect adequate preparation for the prelims and mains of UPSC IAS exam.

Class-wise Approach

In the case of class-wise approach, you can shortlist the NCERT books from the 5th standard to 12th standard. Remember studying the books in accordance with the standard. This helps you to cover the necessary chapters right from the basics.

All information regarding the subjects and standards are given below in details:

Class-wise Approach

For subjects like history and geography, you can study NCERT books from class 5 to 12. For subjects like economics and Indian society, you can follow the economics and sociology books of class 9 to 12. You can go-through all the concepts of Indian polity from the political science books of class 9 and 12. Some theories of polity are also mentioned in the history and civics books published by the NCERT. Grammar books of 10th and 12th standard will help you to excel in the writing skills.

As you shift towards science and technology, all NCERT science books from class 7 to 12 can be helpful to you. Cover all physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology books as the subjects diversify with higher standards. You can also cover the chapters of environment and ecology by reading the 12th standard biology and environmental education books.

Subject-wise Approach

You can take the subject-wise approach to cover the syllabus of the UPSC IAS examination. Here, you can start with a subject and complete all the chapters one by one. If you take this approach, remember covering all chapters within a specific period. Otherwise, you might lose the track while preparing the vast syllabus of the IAS exam.

Majority of the present IAS officers suggest the young aspirants take the subject-wise approach. One can enjoy certain benefits like lesser time consumption to cover the syllabus and more time to review the syllabus.

No matter what approach you take, consider it crucial to study the NCERT books for at least 3 to 4 times while preparing for the exam. Study conceptually and avoid memorizing things. To save time, you can highlight the facts and concepts as it helps in easy reviewing. Whenever you study, keep the syllabus of UPSC IAS exam with you.

Tactics to Read NCERT Books

There are some outstanding tactics that you can follow while studying the NCERT books. They are given below:

Read Every Book Three Times

All candidates must read every book three times. When you read a book for the first time, give a thorough reading and mark the essential parts in every chapter. Avoid an in-depth study as you read each book for the first time.

As you study the book for the second time, it is mandatory to study in-depth. In some instances, you might face some doubts. Enlist all these doubts and look for a professional guide who can clear them.

While you study a specific book for the 3rd and the last time, see that there are no unclear doubts in any of the concepts. You should especially give importance to the parts that are highlighted. Remember to review each chapter and all the concept while the final read up.

Skip Unwanted Details

As the UPSC IAS exam question pattern is dominantly objective, you must skip studying any unwanted details about any incident. While going through the science subjects, make sure to solve the essential numerical and derivations given in a specific chapter.

Improve Writing Skills

The grammar and composition books published by the NCERT delivers you with several things that help improve your writing skills. Refer to the books that provide you with several test papers where you can solve the assignment papers of the unseen part.

The NCERT books are important in this aspect as you can know about the formats of writing that are specified by the UPSC board.

Hence, these are the details about the approach that a candidate should have while studying the NCERT books while preparing for the UPSC IAS exam. Nevertheless, you must always review numerous books from different publishers. Never choose to study only the NCERT books while preparing for the IAS examination as it can restrict your chances to gain more knowledge.

Cross-references can always help a candidate to analyze a concept. You might be able to attempt a subjective answer efficiently on having enough knowledge about a chapter. NCERT books can also help a candidate to face the personal interview confidently. The interviewers might ask a candidate to describe a concept relating to history, geography or polity. While having a clear concept, the candidate can deliver a satisfactory answer to the interviewers.


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