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Can India Win the Cricket World Cup?

Can India Win the Cricket World Cup?

Despite consistently being ranked as one of the best cricket nations in the world, with an international team that can beat anyone and a domestic league that is the envy of the world, India hasn’t always had things its own way on the international stage.

It has never won back-to-back ICC Cricket World Cups, a feat managed by both Australia and West Indies, and even though it is experiencing a golden age of sorts, it has only made it to 2 finals in the last 8 competitions and won just 1 of these.

Can the Men in Blue turn their fortunes around for the upcoming 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup or will it be another disappointing tournament in which they struggle to get over the finishing line?

Underachievers vs Overachievers

If India have been the biggest underachievers in the last couple decades, then Australia have been the biggest overachievers. They have consistently ranked as one of the best teams in the world, but few will agree that they had the best team in ’99, ’03, ’07 and ’15, yet they won all four of those competitions.

They have also proved to be a formidable foe for India. In 2015, India were flying after dominating a group stage that included Pakistan, West Indies and South Africa, before going on to humiliate Bangladesh in the Quarter-finals. It looked like the competition was theirs for the taking, but Australia proved to be an unstoppable force and sent them packing in the semis.

Australia also beat them in the 2003 final and then again in the knock-out rounds of 1999. They are india’s bogey team, but this time around the Aussies shouldn’t prove to be much of an issue.

India have a much stronger team going into the tournament and are favoured ahead of Australia by many bookmakers and punters alike. There’s also a good chance they will avoid them in the knockout stages, during which they can hope that England or one of the other big favourites gets the better of them. And when you take Australia out of the equation, it’s a field that India shouldn’t have an issue with, except, that is, for the hosts and tournament favourites, England.

Can India Beat England?

It’s hard to imagine India losing to anyone but England and the same could be said for England if the roles are reverse. They might meet in the final, they might meet in the semi-final, but whatever happens, you get the feeling that when they do meet it will be the tournament’s deciding fixture.

England have had the edge over India during recent tests and they will also have home advantage. But England still have a relatively young and inexperienced squad and this might prove decisive on the game’s biggest stage. What’s more, England

don’t always perform at their best when they are playing at home, what with the unique pressure that gets placed on national teams by the public and the media.

They are ripe for the taking and as India have one of their strongest teams in years, they could be ready to do just that.

In many ways, the question is not “Can India win the World Cup?” but “Can India beat England?”, and the answer is resoundingly positive, suggesting their luck could turn around this summer.


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