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7 Ways SEO Has Changed Overtime

SEO Has Changed Overtime

In the world of marketing, no marketing channel has been able to change as rapidly as SEO has. Over the recent past, webmasters had indulged in all forms of spamdexing like stuffing keywords, link spamming and, tweaking back-end codes to mention a few, to get the top ranking they most wished for.

Thankfully, Google has been able to make changes that have ensured fair SEO practices that have seen to it that the deserving web owners get what is rightfully theirs: top ranks hence steady traffic.

There was a time that there were no analytics and SEO seemed to be some snipe hunt. However, it is not the case today with tools such as https://serpbook.com/. It has become possible for webmasters to evaluate different elements of their marketing campaigns, and make reforms where needed for better results. That does not mean that it is the only significant change that has taken place. The following is how SEO has evolved.

1.   Elimination of link schemes

As mentioned beforehand, initially, web owners had derived some extra-legal ways of building links for their sites. It was in a bid to influence their ranking on various search engines, without being of much help to the users.

Google has been able to intervene and ban spamdexing through establishing a set of new guidelines and developing software such as the Penguin Update, which has done a remarkable job in hunting down spamming sites.

2.   Mobile set-up

The world is going mobile and, search engines, more so Google has ensured that SEO is on its toes too in light of this evolution. Google has emphasized ensuring that mobile websites have been optimized for excellent user experience.

Through developments such as The Google Mobile-Friendly Update, web owners can identify the areas in which they need to make improvements to make their mobile websites as responsive as they are required to be.

3.   Rise of quality content

Gone are the days that keywords would be used just for the sake to affect ranking. An emphasis on quality content has been put. The focus has shifted from pleasing the search engine to seeing that users benefit from your content and are satisfied.

You are left with no option but to produce quality content for your site. Otherwise, your website will receive punishment from Google. Well, it is for your good. The only way to get a good rank is by giving your audience quality.

4.   Conception of social media

Social media has ceased being only a channel of communication. SEO has taken advantage of the number of users that social media platforms project to drive more traffic to websites. Social media has become so useful to SEO, such that it has been used to gauge your ability to produce valuable content for your audience.

Therefore, through social media your site gain ranking through the traffic and quality of content you create.

5.   Update pacing

There was a time that search engines, namely Google, would continually roll out updates. The impact of such updates has, however, reduced. Today, Google has put more emphasis on releasing updates at more extended intervals, being smaller and camouflaged and therefore having a less noticeable impact on how rankings are calculated.

6.   Knowledge Graph

Among the most significant changes made top SEO is the Knowledge Graph. It was introduced in 2012 and has since been on the rise of being used by users to answer to users queries. Google developed it to help users realize the connections between things online.

The Google Knowledge Graph has become beneficial as it has made it possible to access relevant information, and quickly for that matter.

7.   SERP redo

The search engine result page (SERP)   has been changing every other day. The overhaul is not in vain. There are so many features that your SEO could take advantage of for your benefit. Such include a featured snippet which could help you give the users the answers they need directly on the SERP. That is just one. You could also benefit from site links.

You should always be on the lookout for any changes that take place in SEO are meant to make both, your experience and that of the users worth-while. Do not fear to take advantage of the opportunities the changes present.

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