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5 Ways Indian Students Can Get Academic Writing Help at Affordable Prices

5 Ways Indian Students Can Get Academic Writing Help At Affordable Prices

According to 2016 estimations by Open Doors data, foreign students from India added $5.5 billion to the US budget by enrolling into the American universities; it is 25% more than in 2015. It means that a lot of young Indians strive to pursue the American dream and wish to see the Hollywood sceneries with their own eyes. If you are one of them, you need to understand that together with the cool pop culture, freedom, and beautiful smiles, there are also challenges and obstacles tightly connected with the studies, especially with academic writing in English. Even if you’re planning to get a degree NOT in the USA, but in another country or within your homeland, and you want it to be in English, you will certainly be faced academic assignments of different kinds. In case you have a “So what?” reaction, just continue reading.

A Writing Center in India claims that in 2015 its advisors collected random academic papers from Indian students to evaluate the quality of their writing. 85% of the gathered assignments had poorly structured bodies and conclusions as well as problems with the names of chapters. This statistic shows that apart from language challenges like English grammar, stylistics, and syntax, Indian students are simply not accustomed to academic tasks and have no idea how to complete them. However, if you don’t want to fall into the category of this 85% of students, we offer you to consider an option of using professional academic help at an affordable price. There are many ways of using such assistance, and we will tell you in detail about each one.

  • 1. Order a Model Paper to Get a Refined Sample

    If you wish to improve your skills in academic writing in order to get the education in English, you need to understand that the original problem of completing such a kind of assignments is the lack of information and practice. But, a custom writing agency can compensate the shortage of both.

  • 2. Use It as an Example for Your Writing

    The ordered paper will be written by a qualified specialist. It implies that there will be a correct structure, proper academic writing style, and polished citation formatting. You can write your own piece by copying the outline and rephrasing the chapter or sub-topic titles, using truly academic structures mentioned in the sample and seeing how the formatting rules are applied in practice. It’s a perfect way to boost your writing skills by learning from a high-quality example!

  • 3. Make It a Time-Saving Opportunity

    You don’t need to scour the Internet and different guides to find out the essential information on how to write this or that academic assignment properly. You just pay a cost-efficient sum of money and get a model paper that contains everything you need – theory, practice, and explanation.

  • 4. Turn It into a Trustworthy Source

    All the materials concerning your topic will be contained in your custom-written paper. The writers working for writing agencies have access to the best research databases and libraries. This means that only extremely reliable information will be used in a model sample. What is more, the content will be 100% original, so should you need to use some separate parts in your own writing, you will be able to do that without any hesitation.

  • 5. Use Separate Service to Save Money

    If you don’t have enough funds to order the whole model paper, you can, at least, purchase specific chapters that are the most difficult to write. You will still get an example of a great academic style and will be able to see how to build arguments, structure paragraphs, etc.

    Furthermore, you can buy separate services like proofreading – the writers will check your paper and make their own suggestions on how you can improve your piece to get a better grade. Of course, it will take more time than creating academic assignments using a model paper, but it will be cheaper, and you will still have a chance to enhance your writing skills.

    It’s hard to master academic writing in English, but if you embrace the right motivation and use our tips, you will reach your goals just as you have planned! Good luck with that!

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