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The 5 Unique Sport Niche You Can Bet On

The 5 Unique Sport Niche You Can Bet On


Most bettors tend to focus on the mainstream and most popular sports such as football and basketball but that does not mean those are the only betting opportunities there are. Online lotteries have also become quite popular in the gambling world but a larger portion of people prefers to put their money in sports betting. There are niche sports that odd makers don’t pay much attention to. Those could make very good opportunities if you learned more about them. Here are some of the best of them.

1. Esports

Online games have now become recognized sports that one can actually bet on. Esports has a very high market value, which has contributed to sportsbooks offering odds for their tournaments and events.

Some of these tournaments are such as League of Legends World Championships and Call of Duty World League Championship. You can bet on these games now and make a fortune if you know what you’re doing.

2. Motorsports

Another sports niche that may just change your gambling experience is this one. It is one of the spectator sports that is growing at a very high rate. Many people have embraced car and bike racing that more than 15 million people attend the annual events.

If your interest is in bikes, you can start betting on events such as MotoGP, Formula 1 and NASCAR are other great betting opportunities that are available in the motorsports category. Make your mark by familiarizing yourself with these events and therefore being at an advantage to predict the outcomes.

3. Boxing

There is a lot of hype around boxing nowadays, especially the big matches. However, this still qualifies as a sporting niche because of the many betting opportunities available. You can bet on aspects such as back grouped rounds, a total number of rounds or even which round the match will end. This provides different betting chances other than just betting on the match result.

You also don’t have to focus on the overhyped matches. Many matches do not get the attention of the world as such. Focus on that and beat the sportsbooks to their odds.

4. Ice Hockey

As one of the fastest games in the world, ice hockey has quite a following but not on the betting sites. Most people will watch the game but will not bet on it. With different leagues like the American Hockey League and the National Hockey League, you can bet on the goals, exact scores, winner or even the match result.

These kinds of sports give you a chance to excel in the betting world because the odds have not been carefully analyzed.

5. The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Just like boxing, this is not a sport that most people will bet on. It also has a lesser following as compared to boxing. This makes it a great opportunity to invest in as even the sportsbooks won’t give it much thought.

Once you know, what you want to achieve you will get the drive to learn more about the sport and make wise investment decisions.


There are a lot of opportunities in the gambling industry but most people won’t see them because they are too focused on what is trending. Smart betting involves identifying the sports niche and acting on them by learning more and hence winning more.


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