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5 Tips for Children to Make Friends at School Abroad

5 Tips for Children to Make Friends at School Abroad

Learning abroad has its challenges. Your child will not only be away from home, but they also are separated from the friends they’ve always known.

For your child to thrive academically, they need to learn how to make new friends.

Friendship plays a huge role in helping children cope in a new environment. As long as they have someone, they can always count on, everything else is possible.

Don’t shy away from enrolling your child in a school abroad with the fear that they won’t make it. You might be underestimating them when they’re more powerful than you could ever know.

Learning abroad not only sharpens your child’s thinking, but it also ensures that they learn about new cultures. Interacting with people from different parts of the world also improves their communication skills.

While your child is abroad, make sure you check on them regularly to know how they are fairing on. Sometimes, they might be going through a rough patch, and you’re the only person they’re willing to talk to.

As a parent, you need to teach your child about friendship from a tender age so that as they grow up, they know how to value their friends. Friendship and loyalty are so hard to come by these days, and you should use every opportunity you get to raise a self-conscious child. Life is easier with friends because no human being is ever an island.

Here are five tips your child can use to make friends while they’re abroad.

1.  Extend a Helping Hand

No one ever forgets that one time, a stranger helped them. Since your child is in a new environment, acts of kindness are an excellent way for them to make friends. This, however, does not including doing homework for other students. If another student says, do my paper, you should report the matter to your teacher.

2. Take Part in Extra-Curricular Activities

Taking part in extra-curricular activities is an excellent way for your child to make friends while in school. Since in-class kids hardly get time to interact with each other, these activities provide a favorable environment for socialization.

For instance, when taking part in their favorite sport, your child won’t need to try too hard to interact because each sport requires teamwork.

3. Join Group Discussions

If a child is having a hard time interacting with other students during classes, a good way of initiating a friendship is by asking to join a group discussion. This makes it easy to socialize because the assignment makes for excellent conversation starters.

As time goes by, your child will have an easier time interacting with fellow students. To make this easier, the child in question should do their own studying so that they have something to say during the discussion.

4. Find a Talkative Deskmate

It can be quite hard to start a conversation with someone who hardly talks. By sitting with a talkative desk mate, there is no doubt that your child will soon have a friend. In the beginning, it doesn’t have to be an intimate friendship. All a child needs is someone they can freely talk to when they’re in a new environment.

5. Sit with other Students during Lunch Breaks

Lunch breaks are an excellent time to find a suitable group you want to be associated with. It doesn’t even have to be students from your class. After taking your food, take your time to figure out which table you’d like to join.


From the looks of things, making friends in school is not that hard. Your child should make sure they make an effort towards finding a group that’ll accept them.

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