Top 5 Facts to Read about Sports Betting

5 Facts you Should Know about Sports Betting

Fact About Sports Betting

Sports is one of the greatest tools of globalization and a lot of people not only spend time watching sports documentaries but also analyse the basics of their favorite sports and sportspeople.

Some of these people are confident in their ability to determine certain parameters in the sports they follow and love. Soon enough, they begin to bet on the odds of events in these sports. That’s how “Sports Betting” starts. In fact, it is the basis of an industry that is estimated to be worth about $150 billion in the United States alone.

Sports betting is often tied to the enjoyment and also emotional attachment to certain games, teams, and players that a lot of people express. But people who engage in sports betting don’t really have a particular interest in the sport they are betting on.

They are either taking someone’s advice or just trying out their luck. And everybody wants to be a winner, that’s why a whole lot of them keep playing to win.

5 Facts About Sports Betting

Here are the 5 interesting facts you should know about sports betting:

1. Over 50% of People Gamble at least Once a year

It has been estimated that every year, half of the population would venture into one form of sports betting or another. This is a significant increase from the previous value of 2 out of 10 and that might be due to the growing popularity of online sports betting or just more loose change and a hunger for more money. Added, about 30% of people gamble monthly and 15% every week.

2. U.K. Generates the Highest Revenue off of Sports Betting Yearly

The government of the United Kingdom takes home an annual €20 billion from gross taxes, gambling licensing and other gambling regulations. This makes the UK the biggest single profiter in the world from the gambling industry.

3. Christmas is the Most Popular Sports Betting Day Worldwide

Online casinos always offer great promotional offers on their games during Christmas and a good example of this is But is this scenario same for sports betting too?

Most Popular Sports Betting Day Worldwide

Well, something interesting about seasonal sports betting is that the number of bettors varies considerably. Therefore, seasons like Christmas and New Year are no exceptions. Moreover, those are the days when they make the most money.

In fact, during the days leading up to Christmas, there is a steady rise in the number of bettors and the number of bets. There is even more in between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, where the rise is a phenomenal 100%.

4. The American Super Bowl is the Country’s Biggest Sports Betting Event of the Year

In the U.S, most sports bets turn out to be on football. Obviously, it is one of the most watched sports and it leads up to one of the biggest sporting events in both the country and the world as a whole, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl generates an average of $6 billion in betting annually.

5. It is quite common to bet on the lives of Sportspeople outside of the games they play

A lot of people who engage in betting closely follow the sports and the individuals who play their favorite games. There are outlets that allow some of these fans to bet on a random possibility in the day-to-day life of these sportspeople. I think that’s kind of bizarre but it’s all for the love of the game.

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