3 Things to Know to be a Professional Sports Bettor

3 Things to Know in order to Win at Sports Betting

Win at Sports Betting

Undeniably, Sports Betting is more of an uphill battle where a few have the capability to develop their skills to an extent that they can easily make their living from it full-time. They are professional sports bettors.

But not all can execute things right. To make you more aware of this gaming genre and to win at sports betting wisely, there are 3 things that you need to learn. These are highlighted clearly below.

But before you get into the details, here’s a quick overview of these three:
  • The first part is all about finding value. A good sports bettor will know how to gauge a game to find value in the lines that bookmakers offer.
  • The second part looks at the difficult facts of earning as a sports bettor.
  • The third part educates the ways to shop for lines and brow your profits.
1. Value Matters a Lot

A good sports bettor will be able to measure contests and games in search of value. Now, “value” is when you find a contest, which has a betting or line opportunity that does not match with your assessment.

Akin to the real live streamed casino dealers, the sports anchor in your live betting game will tell you all about the game and the rules that will help you tremendously in evaluating all the data that is there in front of you.

Here’s an example for this. Let’s say that there is an NFL game with a line that has Green Bay Packers favoured to win by 2 points. With what you have assessed, out of 100, predict more than 70 times that Green Bay Packers will win by 3 or more points. Now, if your calculation is right, the value is in favour of Green Bay Packers, giving the 2 points.

The bookmakers are experts in setting tight lines. Therefore, value is much harder to recognize. Another problem while making evaluations is that you will never know how good they are unless you have made thousands or at least hundreds of bets.

So, the first thing to do, as a winning sports bettor, is to learn to find the right value.

Bookmakers spend humongous amounts of money and time working towards setting tight and yet profitable lines. Therefore, it is important to figure out different ways to assess the games much smarter than the bookmakers.

Tips to Win at Sports Betting

2. It is No Dream Job

If  you are a big sports fan who thinks that your life is complete with sports betting and sports movies & documentaries to binge on, think again. Sports betting is not as glamorous as it may seem.

So, if you are thinking of quitting your usual job, then it is not advisable. Only a very few sports bettors manage to break even, and even lesser make decent profits to make a living.

If you look closely, the profit margins are pretty thin. Therefore, to make decent money, make sure to put in a big amount of money.

3. Learn to Shop Wisely

To become a lucrative sports bettor, see betting as a business. You are risking your money with a hope to turn it into a profit. So, to increase your profit potential, looks for the ideal investments while keeping the costs as little as possible.

Now, the way to look for better value and decrease your costs is to know how to look for lines and shop for lower vig. Whenever you pay a low vig, it only means that you don’t have to win frequently to make a gain. Also, when you look for lines, they can bring in more wins after a year or so.


Though the job of any sports bettor might look glamorous and easy, it is never so. Before you think of becoming one, it is important to use these three things properly. Don’t be disheartened because it is truly hard to be a good sports bettor. Well, if things were so easy in life, everyone would have done it.

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