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10 preparation tips to succeed in UPSC civil services exam

10 preparation tips to succeed in UPSC civil services exam

As an appearing candidate of the UPSC civil services exam, you need to follow certain strategies. These strategies can help you to enhance the chances of succeeding in the most elite competitive examination of India. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned below. By following these tips, you will keep a proper grip on the syllabus. The chances of losing the track will minimize if you maintain a daily routine of effective studying for the IAS exam.

Here, you can go through the top ten tips to crack the UPSC civil services examination and get placed as one of the most dignified and decorated officers of the country.

Self-Preparation is Necessary

The fundamental step that you must take while preparing for the UPSC civil services examination is self-preparation. Remember, it is impossible to start the preparation for the UPSC examination suddenly. Before starting the preparation, you must make your mind for fully dedicating a period of life towards the studies.

One of the essential things that you can do is to make a written time-table for daily studies as well as other works. Make sure you keep enough time to sleep and have a break. During the break time, you might indulge in certain physical activities. This helps you to enjoy the perfect balance of your body and mind, which allows you to study perfectly.

Knowing about the Examination

While you prepare for the UPSC civil services exam, make sure to have enough knowledge about it. You can search for the articles that provide you with a clear knowledge about the procedures of the examination. Generally, the UPSC examination is commenced in two rounds. They are known as the Prelims and Mains.

It will be best if you know the selection procedures, interviewing procedure and the placement technique that the government follows to assign the civil servicemen. Do not forget to download the current UPSC syllabus from any of the leading websites on the internet. Go through the syllabus and make a suitable blueprint of the approach that you would follow. As a dedicated candidate, you can set small deadlines when it comes to the preparation of every subject.

Choosing Optional Subject

Once you come to know about the syllabus of the UPSC civil service examination, choose a specific optional subject. There are certain things that you need to consider while selecting the optional subject like prior knowledge, the presence of enough study material and available guidance. You should also check if there are enough books concerning the subject as it can help in cross-referencing.

Collecting NCERT Books

Majority of IAS and IPS officers say that they had started their preparations from the elementary level. This is indeed a fact. You will have to refer the NCERT books of different standards. Try collecting the English, History, Geography, Economics and Political Science books of different standards. These books can help you to clear all the basic concepts. In the case of science, collect all NCERT books of primary, secondary and higher secondary level. As a candidate appearing for the UPSC, studying the NCERT books thoroughly can elevate your chance to crack the UPSC civil service examination.

Regular Preparations

Once you are done with all the above fundamental set-ups, dedicate yourself in regular studies. Try to increase the study time gradually as you make a daily habit of studying for the examination. Avoid studying for longer hours at the initial phase of UPSC preparation. It might lead you to lose your grip on your studies and develop anxiety regarding the completion of the vast syllabus of UPSC civil service examination. Once you get accustomed to regular studying, you can gradually increase the pace of the studies. This can help you to cover most of the syllabus.

While you are regularly preparing, try to clear all your doubts that arise. You can either search for an experienced person who can clear all your doubts regarding a specific subject or seek online help. There are many websites which provide you with online guidance.

Making Notes

You must always make the necessary notes when any chapter is finished. This allows you to access the essential facts in a chapter quite easily. You can revise a chapter within a short span of time if enough notes are present. You can make in-depth notes of the different chapters for the humanities subjects. Be analytical while making the notes of scientific subjects.

Remember that omission is very important when making notes. Try omitting the lesser essential facts as you might not need them while the final preparations.

Do Extensive Revisions

Revision is a crucial thing that you should not miss doing while preparing for the UPSC examination. There are two ways how you can revise the chapters. Either, you might complete some chapters within a specific period and then revise everything or complete a chapter and spare some time for revisions. Both these measures are quite adequate, and you can follow them according to your comfort.

Improve Your Aptitude 

You must work on improving your aptitude. This can help you to deliver correct answers both in the written test and the interview. Several books can help you improve your aptitude and logical reasoning. Try to consult the best books and dedicate some time on it.

Giving Mock Test

A candidate should always give mock tests simultaneously while preparing for the UPSC exam. This can help in improving time management. If you give regular mock tests after a certain level of preparation, there are more chances that you can get enough time to attempt every question in the examination.

Solve Existing UPSC Question Papers

This is one of the best ways hoy you can learn how to deal with the UPSC question papers. Start this process early as it can enhance your experience in terms of facing the UPSC civil services examination. You might get access to the question papers from different websites.

So, these are the leading tips that help you to crack the UPSC civil service exam easily. However, excellence depends upon the level of dedication that you can give to the preparations.

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